August Beauty Box -Glossybox & Chic Treat Club

Last month I decided to give up my Glossybox subscription, I just wasn’t happy with any of the products I was receiving, especially compared to what I had been receiving in my Chic Treat Club boxes. I obviously left it too late to cancel for the August box because I received one in the post this week.
As usual I wasn’t blown away by it, but it did have one or two things that I will use. It was Glossybox’s 3rd birthday this month and to celebrate they had six items in the box, with 4 full size items and 2 deluxe sized samples.

Kryolan Highlighter – Full Size 4.5g RRP £12.50

This was specially made for Glossybox. The packaging comes with the Glossybox logo on a black lid. The colour is cashmere and is a creamy pink highlight. I haven’t tried it yet, but swatching it on my hand it looks like a very subtle sheer highlight.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer – Deluxe Sample Size 40ml £15.20. Full Size 250ml RRP £38.00

This is a “intensve, super-conditioning pre-shampoo treatment for all hair types and adds elasticity, manageability, bounce and shine”. From the reviews this is a Holy Grail product so I’m excited to try this one out, I don’t have too much body to my hair so anything to give it a boost is good in my books.


Figs & Rouge Rose Berry Hand Cream – Deluxe Sample Size 20ml £1.39. Full Size 80ml £6.95.

I feel like hand creams are like staples in the beauty box world, there always seems to be one in the boxes I get and this time it’s no different. I think I’ve seen this brand in TK Maxx but I don’t think I’ve seen it anywhere else. I haven’t taken the seal off it yet because I’ve so many hand creams open already that I want to keep it.


Pep Cosmeceuticals, SkinPep Hydra Sun Defence SPF30 Day Cream – Full Size 7ml £5.99

I’m really happy to have gotten this in my box, I’m off to Florida next month so having a good SPF that I can wear under my foundation is something I’m really going to need. It’s specially made for wear under foundation and dosent cause any chalkiness.


All That Jazz, Cuticle Balm – Full Size 15ml £11.99

Another product I’m really happy with is this cuticle balm. I got mine in Chocolate Orange, I could sniff it all day it smells just like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange. You’re to apply this twice a day to your cuticles to soften them so I think I’ll be keeping this at my desk in work and do it every day.

I Love Cosmetics, Strawberries & Milkshake Shimmer and Shine Lipgloss – Full Size 15ml £1.29

For me this is the dud of the box, firstly it’s a gloss and I hate glosses, it’s also shimmery and glittery which does nothing for me. I can also find this in any Penneys which is annoying.

The grand total of the August Glossybox is £48.36/€60.73

This month’s Chic Treat Club came with 5 products in it, with some things I’ve tried and some I haven’t. It isn’t the best box I’ve received from Chic Treat Club but the last 3 have been beyond amazing so i’ll let them away with it this month as I will use pretty much everything in the box. This months box had 6 items, 4 full size and 2 sample size.

Kiss, Vita-Strength Base & Top Coat – Full Size 13ml €5.07

This isn’t actually included as one of the 3 that you could potentially get in the box. It’s a strengthening base and topcoat that is ideal for dry or brittle nails. The only time my nails are dry or brittle is when I’ve taken off gel nails so I’ll keep for that.

Kubiss London, Face Powder in Sun Bronze – Full Size 12g (3 for €6 in The Cosmetic Outlet)

I got my powder in Sun Bronze, one of 3 different colours available. As a face powder it is way way way to dark for me so I will probably use this as a bronzer or to contour. I don’t entirely love it as it’s a bit on the orange rather than brown side but hopefully it will look ok on the skin. They only give a price of 3 for €6 and I can’t find a price anywhere online for them.

Montagne Jeuness, Brazillian Mud Fabric Mask – Full Size €1.99

I love a good facemask, any excuse really for a pamper session and this one looks like a really nice one and mud ones are my favourite. This is a cloth/mud mask so I’m real interested in how this will work out.

Thalgo, Soft Hydration Emulsion (€7.80) and Marine Shower Gel (€4.50) – Deluxe Sample 30ml

I can’t say I’ve ever heard of the Thalgo brand but it’s always nice to be introduced to something new. The emulsion is very fragrant, it smells very masculine to me but when my mother smelt it she said it was feminine but it reminds me of an aftershave. The little bit I did rub on my arms left them soft so it does work even if the smell is a bit strong for me. The shower gel smells more floral than the emulsion. It’s always handy to have little products like this especially for travelling or the gym so I’m sure I’ll get some use out of them.

Beter, Large All Purpose Brush – Full Size €16.99

This is a new company to Ireland and will be launching next month nationwide. I love how Chic Treat give you these exclusive previews of products that haven’t been released yet. I’ve been looking around for a brush like this for a while so to get it in the box was a real treat, It’s made from syntethic hairs and is super soft. A few hairs did come off but once I wash it I hopefully won’t have that problem.

This months Chic Treat Total came to €38.35

The Glossybox wasn’t the worst box I’ve received from them but I’m still glad I’ve cancelled my subscription, it was getting a bit expensive to have 2 boxes and compared to Chic Treat Club which are a much smaller company compared to Glossybox I expected much more from them.

I’d definitely recommend Chic Treat Club as a subscription beauty box, you get to see some amazing items that are sold in Ireland and I’ve never been disappointed with a box. I might sound disappointed with this months but I think that is because the last four boxes I’ve received have just been out of this world that receiving a normal box would make it look like just an alright box.

Thanks for reading

Love Sarah xoxo


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